The Ideal Worker

BDG's Change Consultant, Andy Swann, is featured in Lucy Tobin's article in the Evening Standard discussing how the ideal worker is now a mix of both a left and right brained thinker.

Andy has found that more companies are bringing in complex psychometric testing to establish who are the left-right brained candidates. The ability to think differently is a skill increasingly being targeted by employers and their requirement to match the right people to their organisation. The traditional job interview may be replaced with 'Apprentice' style tasks or work-trials, collaborative and interactive scenarios added to the mix to better identify these thinkers.

Left-right brain philosophies are also being incorporated into workplace design - with quiet concentration areas balanced with communal spaces that support creativity. But, Swann points out, “creativity can’t be manufactured. You can’t install a slide and assume you have a great company culture, a ping-pong table doesn’t automatically unleash creativity. Allowing information, ideas and inspiration to flow is essential — and often this is as much about the way an organisation structures itself as it is the environment it provides, or the individuals it employs. After all, what use is a great idea if it falls on deaf ears?”

Image is courtesy of Shutterstock.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock

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