The Link Building

BDG provided Workplace Assessment and Interior Design for this international business, comprising 4 brands, collectively undertaking a relocation from several buildings across the city into one new building.

This new office comprises 4 wings with a ‘link building’ that connects them and acts as the main reception area for visitors and clients. 

The aim of this relocation was to provide a new environment that is collaborative, community focused and promotes employee wellbeing.

We made recommendations for improvement to this building’s form and function, starting with the removal of one of the floors within the link, to create a more impactful reception. We relocated the primary stairs between the 2 floors to enable vertical as well as horizontal movement of people. This arrangement of the link building and link stairs has now created an arrival experience reflective of the scale of the building population, with visibility in the (now) 2 storey reception space through, across and up the building.

The design of their new space reflects their business for the future whilst reflecting on their skills, heritage and knowledge. Creating one home for their various brands with shared spaces where they can communicate, network and relax together.