Ogilvy Group UK

The Ogilvy Group is the largest marketing services organisation in the UK, with an increasing  headcount of 1,700.  Currently split between 2 locations either side of London in Paddington and Canary Wharf, it was felt a co-location would enable the group to be more efficient and to give the opportunity to make a major statement about Ogilvy in the 21st Century.

BDG undertook a strategic review of Ogilvy, through our Assess, Audit and Align process, which included a review of relevant future working; benchmarking against similar organisations; analysing the current workplaces and shortlisted buildings; mapping movement patterns, establishing a hierarchy of spaces (quiet/active) and assessment of the impact of any architectural interventions through our Space Syntax programme; organisation review via management interviews, staff questionnaires, a space study and specialist working group.

All of the above analysis was compiled into a future working model, based on a more empowered culture of working in a dynamic environment with collaborative working and a common spatial culture.

Current working environment

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