Standard Life

Standard Life was the owner/occupier of this office building, which although Grade B listed to the street, behind it was a 1970’s building clad in yellow concrete brick and topped with a false mansard roof.  The building provided four floors of accommodation around an open courtyard, with a projecting wing to one side.  Standard Life were keen to refurbish the building rather than to demolish and redevelop, this being seen not only as a benefit in terms of programme but also to be a greener approach to providing space.

The existing courtyard, previously a garden, was roofed over and an atrium space formed.  This has been designed as the main thoroughfare for the building for both horizontal and vertical circulation, as well as providing natural light to offices around the atrium.  Externally, the 1970’s element of the building was re-clad in a combination of metal panelling, glass, and stone to reflect the qualities of the Edinburgh environment.

BDG has succeeded in translating Standard Life’s Design Brief into a world class working environment which is stunning but at the same time practical and operationally efficient.

View to atrium

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New extension over former courtyard

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