Grey is a global advertising and marketing agency with 432 offices in 96 countries. 


BDG carried out a full workplace analysis study of the agency, including observation; senior team interviews and a questionnaire issued to all staff, to understand how the team works. 


The recommended strategy was to incorporate additional social spaces, meeting rooms and to reconfigure the open plan areas in order to move to a more agile working environment that reflected their culture.


BDG created mezzanine levels along with internal staircases to improve circulation and create more meeting spaces.


Rather than compartmentalise working, meeting, learning and socialising spaces, these functions are situated in a distributed configuration creating strategic adjacencies. This planning has been introduced to improve efficiencies for the individual teams and demonstrate a commitment to the potential for ‘open’ working. Spaces are flexible and easily adaptable, they can be realigned or reconfigured with no impact on power, data or lighting.