St John Ambulance

BDG provided their consultancy services when St John Ambulance were undergoing team and organisational changes, which included relinquishing a lease on a nearby building with the associated co-location of staff. 

We found that this unique building, which they own, in its setting and design, offered St John Ambulance a real opportunity to take the best of the original, and partner it with modern workplace solutions to ensure the National Headquarters supports the organisation for the foreseeable future.

Following on from our strategic consultancy services we were able to marry the look and feel aspirations creating a space that reflects their brand, culture, operational and organisation requirements. The workspace has been rationalised to improve communication and key elements within the two working floors have been intentionally located in the same position to assist in efficient planning and ease of way finding. The windowless basement, previously used for storage has been brought to life as a vibrant meeting suite and staff cafe.