WPP Hamburg

Current working environment

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The WPP Group companies in Hamburg are consolidating and relocating to one building in the centre of the City. This new building is to symbolise the coming together under one roof of all the agencies and fully represent the 21st Century creative businesses.

BDG has worked with all the OpCo's in defining their strategy and analysing their current operations and how they could work in the consolidated workpace in teh future. This strategic work has included accommodation analysis; occupancy analysis; observation studies; senior level workshops and staff e-survey all leading to the development of the architectural brief. This brief then formed the criteria for the new building, designed by Zeise Studios, who is working on behalf of the building's developer to provide the office for the OpCo's. 

We are working on behalf of WPP to monitor the design for the new accommodation and to ensure that it meets their needs and suit their long term aspirations for over 850 people.